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High Performance Linux News for Aug 11, 2000

  • InfoWorld: Clustering around Linux (2000-08-11 23:57:08)
    "IBM officials said the new clusters, which are available in configurations of 8, 16, 32, and 64 nodes, will support versions of Linux from Caldera Systms, Red Hat, SuSE, and TurboLinux."

  • CRN: Support For Linux-Over-Unix Grows (2000-08-11 23:49:39)
    "Just a few weeks after Caldera Systems detailed plans to acquire the server software division and professional services arm of Unix vendor The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), two other Unix operating system vendors are weighing in with Linux support."

  • CRN: Caldera Brings Systems Management to Linux (2000-08-11 23:33:02)
    "What makes the unnamed platform different from other proprietary products is that it will manage all RPM-based Linux distributions... will also permit management of some Debian functions..."

  • CNET News.com: IBM aims to boost Unix server line against Sun (2000-08-11 20:20:40)
    "IBM believes Linux will become the standard foundation of most programming efforts. SAP, for example, has settled on Linux as the basic operating system for developing its high-end accounting, sales and manufacturing control software..."

  • Morning World (Germany): Linux super computer [at a] "flea market price" (2000-08-11 20:18:46)
    "Instead of 12 to 15 million Marks only approximately 2.5 million had to be invested. The operating system of the new high-performance computer gab's even free of charge: It runs under the freely available Linux."

  • IT-Director: Windows 2000 DataCenter Server: well short of the clouds? (2000-08-11 19:01:43)
    "...the traditional Wintel buyer, those looking for something that provided better service and better functionality at a price that made cutting over from what was previously in place cost-effective, would do well to look at the other competitor in the x86 arena, Linux."

  • VNU Net: HP to unveil commitment to Linux (2000-08-11 18:39:37)
    "Kirsten Ludvigsen, a director at analyst IDC, said: "HP can be really expected to embrace Linux as a service and support platform, and port its applications to Linux. Ludvigsen added that HP's increased commitment would allow it to step up its involvement in the Trillian project to port Linux to Intel's forthcoming 64bit processor platform."

  • CPU Review: AMD's 64 bit x86 "Hammer" (2000-08-11 07:24:53)
    "We are already in contact with some Linux developers, look for some more information at the upcoming Linux World Expo."

  • InfoWorld: IBM making Linux, server play (2000-08-11 00:07:34)
    "Besides the convenience of having Linux and AIX applications working in closer harmony in the same environment, the time and expense required to create and deploy them will be reduced significantly."