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High Performance Linux News for Oct 16, 2000

  • Enterprise Linux Today: TurboLinux Ships New Workstation with First Commercial Linux for IA-64 (Oct 16, 2000, 23:51)
    "TurboLinux Workstation Pro 6.1 lets developers build content and solutions quickly using powerful Open Source tools and commercial IDEs and Java technology from industry leaders IBM, Sun and Inprise/Borland. Workstation Pro 6.1 includes new developer release versions of TurboLinux for Sun Microsystem's SPARC processors and for PPC processors...."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: The battle for Unix supremacy continues (Oct 16, 2000, 21:46)
    "But vendors are also looking at the impact of Linux at the low end of the Unix server market and are reacting differently to the threat it poses."

  • NetworkWorld: The pick of the Linux litter; readers' choices for Linux network products (Oct 16, 2000, 18:28)
    Readers responded not with accolades for products shipped by traditional enterprise network giants... Instead, they pointed to products developed by companies and open source zealots that have historically not been enterprise players but have from early on hung their hats solidly on the Linux hook."

  • NetworkWorld: Linux sneaking into enterprise networks: Renegade or ally? (Oct 16, 2000, 18:10)
    "If you discover Linux on the network should you treat it like any other application added without your control, or welcome it into your overall IT plan? The answer depends on whom you ask."

  • NetworkWorld: Testing the Enterprise Linux Load (Oct 16, 2000, 17:53)
    "Of the distros tested, we have no qualms recommending either Caldera OpenLinux eServer 2.3 or Red Hat Deluxe 6.2 to an organization that has not yet used Linux in an enterprise server context. ... SuSE Linux 6.4 had weak support practices for its retail package, but otherwise is a worthy competitor."

  • NetworkWorld: Linux Storms the Enterprise (Oct 16, 2000, 17:31)
    "...Linux is being tailored to fill many needs in the enterprise and shouldn't be counted out when you're looking for a one-size-fits-all operating system capable of handling multiple enterprise applications..."