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High Performance Linux News for Jan 27, 2001

  • AS400Network: New Toolkit Gives iSeries OS/400 Developers More Options (Jan 27, 2001, 20:08)
    "The toolkit contains 43 tools that can be called from various OS/400 programming environments... Linux and AIX clients include an Xserver; Windows clients will need a product that emulates an Xserver..."

  • NewsForge: Linux 'Supercomputer on a CD'; Linux Cluster anyone can make at home (Jan 27, 2001, 17:08)
    "Imagine your garage filled with dozens of computers all linked together in a super-powerful Linux cluster. You still have to supply your own hardware, but the geek equivalent of a Mustang GT will become easier to set up and maintain, thanks to new software to be demonstrated at LinuxWorld next week."

  • Binary Freedom: Linux Cluster Overkill; Q&A with Dan Reed (NCSA) & Dave Gilardi (IBM) (Jan 27, 2001, 15:33)
    "It's not often you get a press release on your desk that informs you that two of the biggest names in high-performance supercomputing have decided that for their next two-teraflop baby, they'd like to use x86 servers and Linux. ... Wondering whether I'd received a mis-timed April Fools' joke, I spoke to the Director of the NCSA, Dan Reed, and to Dave Gilardi; the Director of Linux Clusters at IBM."