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High Performance Linux News for Feb 09, 2001

  • VNU Net: Compaq won't bet on Linux, says CEO Capellas (2001-02-09 17:59:32)
    "...chief executive Michael Capellas rules out Linux playing a major part in the company's high-end strategy. Despite claiming that Compaq hardware is the number one Linux platform, Capellas dismissed the operating system as a serious option for most companies."

  • IBM developerWorks: Common threads: Software RAID in the new Linux 2.4 kernel (2001-02-09 17:31:54)
    "In his three-part series on the Linux 2.4 Software RAID, Daniel Robbins introduces the new technology that's used to increase disk performance and reliability by distributing data over multiple disks. This first installment covers Software RAID setup (kernel and tools installation) and shows you how to create linear and RAID-0 volumes."

  • VNU Net: Mainframes may be making a comeback (2001-02-09 17:17:59)
    "Massive volumes of information are being generated by the web; Kumar estimates that data growth rates of 700 per cent per year are common, and the biggest Unix databases are struggling to cope. "The alternative is to use a mainframe," he says. ... IBM's website promotes its new z900 mainframe as costing "$500 per Linux image". The mainframe, a low-cost option?"

  • AS400Network: Conference-Goers Preview iSeries (AS400) Linux (2001-02-09 15:01:57)
    "IBM displayed a 4-way iSeries 820 running OS/400 in one partition and Linux in the other three to illustrate that iSeries could support more than one Linux image..."