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High Performance Linux News for Mar 26, 2001

  • eWeek: Compute farms yield a fine crop of data (2001-03-26 20:56:20)
    "As long as [an application] runs on Linux, we don't have to parallelize the underlying code. We write wrappers around the applications, and the wrappers break the processing jobs into small pieces. The central server then just collects the results."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: SGI and Platform Computing Unveil EDA-Ready Linux Technical Compute Farm (2001-03-26 20:27:30)
    "SGI and Platform Computing today announced the availability of the SGI Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Technical Compute Farm for Linux, a complete solution designed to bring enhanced speed and power to the burgeoning EDA Linux operating system-based market."

  • Caldera Rebrands UnixWare: Introduces Linux Compatibility Layer to Upcoming "Open UNIX 8" (2001-03-26 17:23:41)
    "According to the company, the name change is reflective of the addition of the "Linux Kernel Personality" (LKP) layer to the product, which will allow the execution of most Linux binaries without modification or recompilation. The LKP layer will, the company said, include the same GNU tools as found in Caldera's pure Linux offering: Caldera OpenLinux."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Forget About the Academy...Meet The Real OSCAR (2001-03-26 12:01:38)
    "Everything you need to build, maintain, and use a modest sized Linux cluster is included in OSCAR."

  • TheLinuxGurus.org: Creating Disk Arrays with the 2.4 Kernel (2001-03-26 10:42:03)
    "One of the more exciting, yet least hyped features of the new 2.4 kernel is the built-in facility for handling software RAID arrays. In the not-so-olden days of the 2.2 series kernels, one had to manually add a number of specific patches as discussed on www.linuxraid.org. The new 2.4 kernel distribution includes all of the latest software RAID enhancements, currently stable at version 0.9. This writing is intended to serve as a tutorial for creating such software RAID arrays."

  • CNet: IBM overhauls mainframe operating system (2001-03-26 01:56:53)
    "The new operating system also has better support for Sun's Java software and Linux, two technologies that make writing software for a mainframe easier for modern programmers. And IBM promises z/OS makes it easier to set up and administer a mainframe, a significant change in light of how expensive the mainframes are to run."