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High Performance Linux News for Nov 13, 2008

  • Linux: Setup iSCSI Target ( SAN ) (2008-11-13 20:34:17)
    nixCraft: "Linux target framework (tgt) aims to simplify various SCSI target driver (iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SRP, etc) creation and maintenance. The key goals are the clean integration into the scsi-mid layer and implementing a great portion of tgt in user space."

  • Create a LAN for Virtual Servers with KVM and VDE (2008-11-13 12:06:13)
    Debian Admin: "Do it! First, you need VDE pkg for emulate a switch on host hoster (vde is in debian testing version)."

  • Scale Your File System With Parallel NFS (2008-11-13 06:04:17)
    IBM Developerworks: "The Network File System (NFS) is a stalwart component of most modern local area networks (LANs). But NFS is inadequate for the demanding input- and output-intensive applications commonly found in high-performance computing—or, at least it was. The newest revision of the NFS standard includes Parallel NFS (pNFS), a parallelized implementation of file sharing that multiplies transfer rates by orders of magnitude. Here's a primer."