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High Performance Linux News for Apr 10, 2009

  • Cloud Computing Poses E-Discovery, Legal Risks (2009-04-10 22:03:43)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: "In a presentation titled "Computing (strike that -- Litigation) in the Cloud," Steven Teppler, senior counsel at KamberEdelson in New York, said cloud computing and services are a corporate counsel's nightmare."

  • Using 'ab', ApacheBench to test Web Server Performance (2009-04-10 20:03:43)
    Nick's Blog: "ApacheBench (referred to as 'ab' in the terminal) is a tool for testing web server performance by allowing you to test how many requests per second the web server is capable of serving."

  • Migrating from MS SQL Server 2008 to EnterpriseDB (2009-04-10 09:03:43)
    Packt: "In this article by Dr. Jayaram Krishnaswamy, we will learn about migration of data from MS SQL Server 2008 to EnterpriseDB. Migration Studio bundled with the EnterpriseDB download is a collection of tools to migrate automatically the data and business logic into Postgres from a variety of vendor products that include SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL to mention a few."

  • Cloud Based and Open Source-Can Business Intelligence Get Any Cheaper Than This? (2009-04-10 06:03:43)
    Steaming Open Cup: "BI is the answer to a business that relies heavily on being able to process a flood of information in order to meet the demands of its clients."