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High Performance Linux News for May 15, 2009

  • How to make a virtual computer real (2009-05-15 22:21:43)
    KP Weblog: "You can keep the virtual disc as a template that can be used to set up new computers quickly and easily. I have a stock of templates for different configurations such as servers and desktop PCs, 32 bit and 64 bit systems and different GNU/Linux distributions, all ready to be converted to real computers at a moment's notice!"

  • Notifications and Events in Nagios 3.0- part2 (2009-05-15 04:33:51)
    Packt: "Nagios offers a very powerful mechanism for receiving events and commands from external applications--the external commands pipe. This is a pipe file created on a file system that Nagios uses to receive incoming messages."

  • Notifications and Events in Nagios 3.0- part1 (2009-05-15 03:03:51)
    Packt: "It's also possible to set up your monitoring to notify managers if the issue has not been fixed within a certain period of time. Based on the importance of a host or service, these can be different managers that are notified and different time periods after which the notification is sent."