10 Indie Games for Linux part 1

[ Thanks to Linuxaria for this link.

“DWARF FORTRESS: I think that this is how the Console and
Windows player imagine every Linux Game : A Classical Ascii art
graphic, with a lot key combinations and options, a nightmare for
most gamer. But this game don’t comes out from the 80′s it’s
actively developed, Version 0.31.25 it’s been released on Mar 28,
2011, and has a community of players that follow this game and like
it’s features.

“Gameplay: Prior to play, a world must be generated using the
software or downloaded from the Internet. Each constructed world is
unique; events that take place during play will affect subsequent
games in the same world. World creation in Dwarf Fortress is
elaborate: terrain is generated using fractals, erosion is
simulated, then wildlife, towns, and other sites are placed”

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