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LinuxPower interviews Kalle Dalheimer of KDE

Nov 09, 1998, 09:24 (4 Talkback[s])


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LinuxPower has an interview with Kalle Dalheimer of KDE. They asked the following questions:

  • What do you see as the main reason for someone choosing to use a desktop environment?
  • What advantages do KDE-aware apps provide over a non-aware app.
  • What window managers have native support for KDE?
  • How easy is KDE to install?
  • When do you think KDE will be ready to capture the desktop of the average computer user?
  • Approximately how many developers do you have working on the main project / how many
  • How are you handling usability testing? Are you testing KDE on average users with little previous
  • How do you view the other desktop environment projects for linux?
  • What previously existing desktop environment has influenced KDE the most? What about it makes
  • How is window manager coordination handled by the desktop environment?
  • Which significant applications for your desktop environment are near completion or are quite
  • What distributions are using your desktop environment?
  • Do you feel that some features that your are implementing yourself (e.g. Drag 'N Drop) would be
  • What are you feelings about all the disagreement about your desktop environment versus GNOME?
  • Are there any minimal hardware requirements to run KDE?
  • Why do you feel the open source model is the best model for your desktop environment?
  • What are your feelings on QT? Do you see it as a threat to the free software movement?
  • Do you see the X server as limiting your ability to make the "best" desktop environment?
  • What percentage of Linux users would you like to see use your desktop environment?
  • What are your goals for the up coming versions of KDE?
  • What two things do you see as advantages for your desktop environment in Linux? What two things
Head on over to view the full interview.

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