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Featured Website: Current Ports of Linux OS

Feb 26, 1999, 17:32 (0 Talkback[s])

XosÉ Vázquez writes:

I have put a new version of 'Current ports of Linux OS' page:


The main ports are :

  • Linux-SGI VisWS, SGI Visual Workstations 320 and 540
  • ARM Linux, ARM processor based machines (NetWinder, Acorn,Itsy)
  • Linux PA-RISC, Hewlett Packard Precision Architecture Family (PA-RISC)
  • Linux/AP+, Fujitsu AP1000+ and to add appropriate multi-processor extensions to support parallel programs.
  • VAXlinux, Digital Equipment's VAX.
  • Linux/m68k, Motorola 68000 series (MC68020, MC68030, MC68040, MC68LC040 and MC68060).
  • S/Linux,SPARC microprocessor based systems, specifically to Sun SPARCstations.
  • UltraLinux, UltraSPARC 64 bit processor based.
  • Linux/Alpha, Compaq (was Digital) Alpha CPU processor.
  • Linux/MIPS, ARC compliant systems equipped with MIPS (Silicon Graphics,Cobalt Qube/RaQ, DECStation...)
  • ELKS, 8086-80286, Palmtop Computers, Single board microcomputers, Embedded controller systems.
  • Linux/PPC, PowerPC( Motorola, IBM, Apple, BeBox, FirePower,APUS).
  • MkLinux , forApple Power Macintosh, HP PA-RISC, Intel x86
  • Linux/98, NEC PC-9800 architecture
  • DROPS, Linux on the L4 µ-Kernel and Fiasco µ-kernel.
  • MCA Linux, Microchannel.
  • Real Time Linux, RT-Linux & KURT
  • MOSIX for Linux, a bridge between SMP& MPP
  • Beowulf Project, parallel Linux clusters
  • Linux SMP, multiprocessor machines (486, Pentium & Pro, Sun 4m/4d/UltraSparc, Alpha, PowerPC)
  • Linux/Microcontroller, PalmPilot, Motorola Coldfire.
  • VMELinux, VMEbus embedded systems
  • Linux and PDAs, 3com Pilot, CL-PS7110, Psion's SIBO,Itsy, Toshiba Libretto, IBM PC110, Turbo Tortoise...........

Any more :-???