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Linux Mall announces "LONE-TAR", Archive and restore utility

Mar 22, 1999, 21:59 (1 Talkback[s])

Linux Mall Information writes:

You use Linux because it is the most stable operating system for your business, but no one can predict when an equipment failure might occur. As any good sysadmin knows, backups are not just a good idea - they're crucial.

Lone Star Software has been in the UNIX data backup and recovery business for 20 years. They've developed LONE-TAR, a full featured back up and restore utility that includes bit-level verification and double-buffering for increased speed. LONE-TAR also offers "CRONY" - a complete interface to all of your cron jobs, especially unattended backups.

LONE-TAR is a fully menu driven data archiving and recovery utility that employs a compression algorithm that guarantees doubling the capacity of your archive media. LONE-TAR utilizes Master and Incremental strategy to ensure that all your system data is rapidly available in case of a system failure. LONE-TAR backs up everything including device files, empty directories, links, symbolic links, Virtual Files and NFS mounted file systems.

This is just a small sample of the features included with LONE-TAR. For a list of all the features of LONE-TAR visit Linux Mall's product page.

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