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LinuxPower: Open Source and the Re-unification of Unix

Mar 26, 1999, 11:38 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Chad Dale)

"Who would have thought that when a Finnish University began to patch together bits and pieces of code that he was about the revolutionize the computer industry and light a fire under the pants of the mainstream computer "Establishment"? But that is what Linus Torvalds has done. In a short space of time, the Open Source community has shown in the eyes of both the media and the boardroom execs that it is equal if not superior to any other method of software development. So much so, that we have now seen movement by many companies to begin distributing source code under licenses similar to the GPL "copyleft". Let?s take a look at some the more major announcements:"

"So now we have the major Unix flavours, becoming more undistinguishable. Well, this will mean that companies will need to invent proprietary technologies to make their Unix more attractive (in many cases this will be impossible as the move to open standards becomes stronger. Also, the Open Source community has shown it?s rapid ability to clone existing technologies as Open Source) or they will simply stop commercial development of the OS and move to support services."

"The best thing of all is that this unified Unix would essentially be free, just as Linux is today. It might even be called Linux (surely, as Linux is the quickest to adopt new features, it will overtake the others, absorb their core competencies, and perhaps become the unified Unix, leaving all the others in the dust)."

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