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Three More Major Loki Ports This Year

May 18, 1999, 00:28 (6 Talkback[s])

Linux Versions of "Myth II," "Railroad Tycoon II" and "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire" to be Ported This Year by Loki

TUSTIN, CA -- May 17, 1999 -- Loki Entertainment Software, the first company to bring best-selling PC and Macintosh games to the Linux^Ì environment, today announces contracts to port three more titles this year. "Myth II: Soulblighter"^Ì by Bungie Software , "Railroad Tycoon II" ^Á bundled with the new expansion pack, "Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century "^Ì by PopTop Software, and "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire"^Ì by Delta Tao Software will be available for the Linux operating system wherever software is sold.

"Linux is not just for servers!" reveals Scott Draeker, president of Loki. "Many of the ten-million-plus Linux users want to play games on their operating system of choice. To meet this pent-up demand, Loki is excited to bring a rich variety of games to the Linux platform." Loki's three upcoming Linux titles include an award-winning strategy game, a railroad-building simulation game, and an ever-popular card game.

The real-time strategy game "Myth II: Soulblighter," is the sequel to Bungie Software's "Myth: The Fallen Lords," 1997's "Game of the Year" (Computer Games Strategy Plus). "Myth II," which shipped this year, is an epic fantasy battle set in a true 3D landscape. Using swords, explosives and magic, players manage troops in fast and bloody combat in the struggle against Soulblighter's undead legions. The game offers a compelling storyline, a wide variety of strategic challenges and intense battlefield action. "Myth II" provides a powerful set of editing tools and supports free, cross-platform multiplayer games over the Internet. Additional information is located at www.bungie.com.

Also available in 1999 for the Linux platform will be the strategy-simulation hit "Railroad Tycoon II" along with "Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century Expansion Pack" from developer PopTop Software and publisher Gathering of Developers. Named Strategy Game of the Year by Computer Games Strategy Plus and Imagine Games Network, "Railroad Tycoon II" captures the look and feel of the fabled late-1800's and allows gamers to control all aspects of the railroad industry. "Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century" focuses on the post-industrial years of the 1930s through 2030, and gamers encounter catastrophes such as World War II, the Cold war and global warming. It supports multi-play over LAN, modems and the Internet. Additional information is located at www.poptop.com and www.godgames.com.

Loki is also bringing "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire" to the Linux platform. This highly-rated card game from Delta Tao Software is more than a deck of cards for the computer. It features 23 versions of solitaire for experts and novices. Gamesæ including FreeCell, Pyramid, and Casino Klondikeæ require planning and strategy to win and include embarrassingly full statistics. A sophisticated interface makes players feel they are directly manipulating cards. Play is enhanced with hours of non-repetitive music and backgrounds, plus original card designs for each solitaire variation. Challenge games allow competition with others. Additional information is located at www.deltatao.com.

About Loki Entertainment Software
Founded in 1998, Loki Entertainment Software ports best-selling games to the Linux operating system. This month Loki distributed its first Linux release, "Civilization: Call to Power"^Á by Activision. Loki plans a total of eight leading titles for 1999. Privately held and headquartered in Tustin, California, Loki takes its name from the Norse god of mischief. Additional information is located at www.lokigames.com.


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