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FairfaxIT: Turning the tables on Oracle

Jun 03, 1999, 22:35 (10 Talkback[s])

"MOST computer systems nowadays have at their core a database management system (DBMS). Over the last 15 years or so, the DBMS market has become the most keenly contested in the computer industry, because of the software's key position at the heart of the organisation's IT infrastructure."

"The biggest advance in DBMS software in the past decade has been the almost universal adoption of the relational DBMS model"

"There are a half dozen or so major players in the DBMS market. Largest by far is Oracle, which is increasing its lead each year. There is a general trend in the IT industry that the big players get even bigger, and the smaller players fall behind."

"Hardly anybody bought DB2 for Unix. Just last week IBM announced a major new release of DB2 for Unix, which is now called Universal DB2 because it also runs on Windows NT. It has fluffed yet another opportunity to rename this ill-fated product. UDB might have worked, but it's probably too late now. Oracle has won, and SQL/Server is the big threat."

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