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Unix Riot: Embedded databases with Linux back ends...

Jun 07, 1999, 10:46 (1 Talkback[s])
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Thanks to Leo Comitale for this link.

"... will be one of the hottest development markets in our increasingly networked world. And I don't just mean the Internet or your company LAN. I mean your car, your cell phone, your electric meter, and anything else that needs to update one or more devices will be depending on an embedded DB that will be taking its queue from a Linux server. Scoff, do you? Well, I've heard from a source inside Ford that Linux is being considered as the server software for diagnostic systems being fed by the dozens of embedded processors collecting data in upcoming car models. Also, one of the companies that has made a strong showing in the embedded-database market in recent years is Pervasive Software. Pervasive SQL is a small, fast, and flexible database, or so developers tell me. And they should know, having outfitted uncountable devices with the company's nifty software, which is Btrieve-based. What they might not know is that by the end of June, the company will introduce Pervasive SQL 2000 and Tango 2000, or so I've heard. The company will also show the first Linux version of Pervasive SQL this month, though it will only be in beta with customer-ready shipments sometime in the fall. Exactly when, my sources did not say. Tango 2000, which can be used to write Enterprise JavaBeans or COM objects, will ship in July for Windows NT, and its UNIX version will be ready in August. One interesting thing I'm told about Tango 2000 is that it stores its files in XML format, which will make the information Web-ready from the get-go."

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