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Making Money with Linux

Aug 12, 1999, 16:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to ski for this report. ]

[Note: This material from a speech given to JaxLUG on August 11, 1999 by SKI of eDivision.net]

Let us 'cut' to the chase: how do you make money with Linux? Three scenarios come to mind.

1. For the Individual: Find a need and fill it

You drove through rush hour traffic for that! Yep. You know people that need help. It is my approach to seek out small businesses that cannot afford a large I/S staff and make things happen for them. Every business - even the one man [man is a species, not a gender] shop needs solutions. Yes, the single-user server solution 'appears' to solve many of the same problems. But it is my experience that it cannot. Linux runs day and night and night and day. Without care or feeding [although a U.P.S. battery system is a great investment].

2. For the Corporate Computer Professional: Study up

Just like the individual, you must have the basic tool kit. What else? A marketing strategy. Would you enter a new market without studying the lay of the land? Of course not. The internet and the search tools today make it impossible to fail. Well, maybe not impossible, but almost! Why do businesses [or individuals] fail: lack of vision. Don't believe me... King Solomon said it! Experts claim that he was the richest man ever to walk the face of the earth. He said that without a vision, or plan, people fail.

3. For the Investor: Buy low and sell high

I would love to purchase shares in RedHat. One problem, my money is invested in my own business. Focus. There is even a business book by that title. I need to focus on making my money from the one thing I have some control over: my business. Professional investors are in the business of, well, investing. They will find that companies that are using Unix and Linux are going to get more done with less capital outlay than their competitors. Again, I would bet that there are web sites that have the numbers to back me up. But as always, it is best to "buy low and sell high!"

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