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IDG.net: Come together: The quest for a Windows NT community

Aug 17, 1999, 21:01 (21 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Gerald Carter)

"...So what exactly has prevented a Windows NT community from taking shape?"

"...Because of the infancy of NT, many employers seek NT administrators who have been certified, rather than those who posses great amounts of experience. In the Unix world, experience reigns supreme. This experience implies contact with others, and therefore more of a sense of community."

"While Windows NT has been guided and developed solely by Microsoft, Unix administrators and programmers have in some sense guided the development of their platform themselves. Of course, we know that Sun does not accept outside source code for Solaris, but the characterization is fair to make in the case of Linux, which is entirely open source. It can also be applied to such things as Samba, sendmail, and BIND. These packages are add-ons to the Unix operating system that provide required functionality. Many Unix sysadmins have a somewhat more personalized interest in their networks, because often they have patched together the code that makes things work. Sharing that work is a thing of pride. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Unix community is so strong. The complexity of the Win32 API acts a deterrent for those who would seek to learn it as a hobby. In addition, it changes constantly. But that is a discussion for another day..."

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