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The Bazaar Day One Wrap-Up, Tuesday, December 14th

Dec 15, 1999, 08:25 (0 Talkback[s])
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By Emmett Plant
Editor, Linux Today

Today was a slow day. On the expo floor, it seemed as though there were no attendees; only exhibitors. This feeling was shared by a great number of people on the floor, occasionally walking by and saying 'Hello' for the thirty-fifth time. While the illuminati of the Linux community got a nice opportunity to converse and discuss amongst themselves, there were very few attendees to speak of. The standard crowd that's created when free items are given away barely existed.

In the long list of great things about the Linux community is that it will continue to be interesting and do amazing things, even without a crowd to watch them. While students from the Beacon School shot down Linux community luminaries and hired entertainers with Nerf guns, the few attendees that funneled through the door were presented with interesting presentations and in-depth conversations with exhibitors, something they wouldn't be able to do at a show with a bigger turnout.

One of the advantages to the show is the incredibly nice attention given to technical detail for the tutorials. Everyone sits at a very fast IBM workstation, and gets to business quickly. You know they're doing something right when my colleague Paul Ferris is impressed with the workstations. He attended a Perl tutorial this morning, and seemed very satisfied not only with the systems available, but the teaching style, as well. The tutors seem very well organized and I caught a few Java guys working hard tonight making sure things would go smoothly at their tutorial on Thursday. Usually, preparations like this are made fifteen minutes before the presentation, and it was good to see that there was ample room given to the tutors to do their work.

Some of the community's finest came out for the show, even if they weren't keynoters. Userfriendly.org's J.D. 'Illiad' Fraser was on hand, autographing copies of his O'Reilly book, and Brian Behlendorf was manning the Collab.Net booth. Benjamin Cox from The Linux Fund was there, taking applications for the Linux Fund credit card, and Kurt Granroth was there from KDE.

The halls are nicely arranged, with open spaces in the appropriate places. Unfortunately, some of the exhibitors faced a challenge that they hadn't counted on; Rain. Water was falling from the ceiling above on this grey New York City day, but the conference organizers made quick work of solving the problem. All in all, it was a slow day at The Bazaar, with most exhibitors hoping for a better turnout of attendees tomorrow.

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