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sendmail.net: Nader Slams MS

Dec 16, 1999, 21:13 (6 Talkback[s])

"Nader first ran through the familiar litany of complaints related to pricing and licensing: Windows is too expensive, and Microsoft is tightening the conditions on licenses. "For most models of PCs that consumers buy, the OEM has to purchase the license even if the end user doesn't want the software. The 'required to buy' Windows problem is a particularly galling issue for Linux users, who are often actively trying to avoid using Microsoft products." When Nader's own investigators asked IBM for a machine with a preinstalled non-Windows OS, Nader said, IBM responded: "We'll preinstall anything, but first we have to buy a Microsoft license...."

"Nader expressed high praise for the free software movement and high hopes for its prospects. "It's the Great Imitator against the most creative minds," he said. "Who are you going to bet on?" He condemned Redmond's response to the challenge presented by open source software. "Microsoft's response to the popularity of Linux is to seek ways to cripple interoperability by deploying proprietary and patented software interfaces. And so far, Microsoft has resisted efforts by OEMs to ship computers ready to dual boot Windows and Linux or Windows and BeOS."

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