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The Bazaar Day Wrap-Up, Thursday, December 16th, 1999

Dec 18, 1999, 22:25 (5 Talkback[s])
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by Emmett Plant, Editor - LinuxToday

This morning I woke up and checked out of the hotel. On my way out, I ran into Eric Raymond, and we went off in search of breakfast. LinuxToday Editor Paul Ferris caught up with us on the way back, and we all headed over to the conference while Paul taped an interview. When we got there, I split up the group and headed up to the expo.

George Romero would have been proud. Exhibitors that were once vivacious and spunky were worn down as an after-effect of last night's knockout partying. It was The Day Of The Living Dead Linux Community. One representative from a prominent Linux company was limping pretty badly this morning from taking a fall last night. Limping, tired and hungover, the Linux community had a great time into today, the last day of the conference. In a lot of ways, it was only a half-day, since the expo itself closed down at 2pm.

The attendance was slow again today, and for the most part exhibitors just stopped working. When there's no one to present to, there's really no point. That was okay with me, though. If people weren't doing presentations, they were able to talk tech with other exhibitors. In the interest of science, I installed Corel Linux on my laptop today, and when my sound wasn't working, I just strolled up to the Corel booth and pulled a tech away. I'm most of the way to getting sound working now, thanks to the lack of conference attendance.

A lot of the attendees of this show walked out with a wealth of technical knowledge from the panels at TheBazaar, and because of the sparse turnout in the expo, they could talk about programming structure, perl and python with the professionals that use it on a daily basis. On a technical level, TheBazaar was almost on par with the Ottawa Linux Symposium, which doesn't have a sales expo. I love technical conferences, and it was good to see a lot of people walk away with solid knowledge.

From what I could tell, there were no post-conference parties going on tonight, and most people elected to get out of Dodge. Some of the exhibitors started packing up as early as 1:30 so they could get away as quickly as possible when the show broke down. It is unfortunate that the show suffered from poor attendance. The technical panels were great, and the exhibitors were top-notch, with old friends like VA Linux and new groups like Sleepycat Software. It was also Corel's first major engagement after announcing Corel LinuxOS last month at COMDEX.

In the end, we all picked up our bags, went to the airport or the train station, and began the long journey home, hopeful of the Linux World Conference and Expo in February.