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Dean Pannell (aka dinotrac): Linuxworld Hangover, Part 1

Feb 03, 2000, 22:27 (2 Talkback[s])
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By Dean Pannell
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Standing in the Javits center, stealing space on a www.internet.com computer, I realize how much I owe Arne Flones. I was feeling down at the mouth Saturday morning when Arne told me, "Get Thee to New York for Linuxworld Expo". I did. I'm glad.

In the Illinois hinterlands, friends look quizzically and ask, "What is this Linux thing?" Unenlightened IT Directors cling to NT until the blood drains from their fingers. Sometimes, you can't help but feel a little "out there". You know that feeling, don't you? C'mon. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't. I thought so. That's why Arne's admonition was so right and why you should make every effort to attend one of these parties.

You will bask in the rejuvenating breeze of penguin feathers fluttering on electric winds of energy, ambition and plain old fashioned hope. Deals are made right and left, but so are friends. In this room the penguin is not a flightless bird. It is also a bird that remembers its roots. LWE has an org pavilion where folks like LiviD, Debian, kDE and so on gather and meet the faithful. Try finding something like that at at Windows World.

My treatment began yesterday when I began wandering the show in a sleep deprived fog. Almost immediately, I found Jon "Maddog" Hall at the Linux International booth, playing the approachable Buddha, chatting amiably with any and all comers. I got to meet the Linux Today gang's meat suits, having known the people within online for some time. I chatted with David Faure and Kurt Ganroth of KDE and feel both their pride and excitement in the upcoming (no, I don't know when) KDE 2.0 release. I even survived chastisement and humiliation at improperly referring to kfm as konquerer (sorry, David. The real konquerer sounds tres cool).

From people like Jim Graham of CodeWeavers (think Twine. Guess what their freebie is!) to Matthew at the Livid booth, to the gang at The Linux Show, clued-in energy abounds. I even saw Alan Cox up close and personal (Note to better half: I need a bigger monitor. I thought Alan was a leprechaun. He's not) I couldn't convince O'Reilly to give me a book deal ("No, really. I see science fiction as a natural extension of 'Running Linux', don't you?"), but I haven't given up yet.

Fast, slow, hot, cool, young, not-so-young, we are a diverse and interesting crowd. You owe it to yourself to attend one of these get-togethers. Think of it as chicken soup for the inner penguin. Sratch that. Think intensive care. It'll make the next cocked head and "What's Linux" a little easier to take.