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Linuxcare: Arne Flones: A Niche In Time

Feb 08, 2000, 18:09 (5 Talkback[s])
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"There have been mammals on Earth for over two hundred million years. For most of that time, an extremely successful competitor, the dinosaur, filled all the large, important niches. To survive, mammals needed to do things differently and a little bit better. Most importantly, they had to find niches which the dinosauria had left vacant. This means that they had to diversify. It served the little furry buggers very well when the poop hit the fan about sixty-five million years ago. Now, it's the mammals who have all the important niches and the bird-brained dinosaurs just flutter around in the trees."

"Whenever I ponder Linux's future, I am inevitably drawn to this mammalian scenerio as a parallel. Like the Jurassic mammal, Linux is adaptive, light, and nimble on its toes. It is also positioning itself to become equally pervasive, as it sinks into one niche after another. At the same time one wonders about Microsoft's Windowsaurus. Locked into a single technological niche, I have little hope for the big guy if his kind cannot diversify. Unfortunately I have seen little evidence that Microsoft can innovate quickly enough to respond to today's dramatic shifts in the computer market."

"This is why I laugh out loud whenever I hear the Chicken Littles shouting, "Linux is fragmenting! Linux is fragmenting!" Why? Because, if my analogy holds true, fragmentation means speciation, and from speciation comes innovation and survival."

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