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osOpinion: OS/2 and the Real World

Feb 09, 2000, 01:01 (6 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Tom Nadeau)

"In the eyes of the public at large, there is really only one operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers: Windows. The general opinion is that there may be several varieties of Windows, but it's all really the same thing. In other words, 'operating system' and 'Windows' are synonymous."

"there are occasions when people want and need something better as an operating system in their PC. Under what conditions is this selection process likely to occur? When and why do people prefer OS/2 Warp -- and actually take the extra time and make the extra effort to upgrade to a world-class OS such as OS/2?"

"...that small branch of the family of OS/2 users which consists of vocal anti-Microsoft activists has decreased in size over the past few years; many of them have switched to Linux. For the real "ABM" types, it really doesn't much matter what OS they are using, as long as it's not Windows. Of course, other OS/2 users have switched to Linux for technical reasons such as availability of a particular application, or access to the source code. And some have just gotten fed up with IBM's lack of commitment to the individual and microbusiness users of OS/2. But the clear majority of OS/2 users have stayed with the product because of its inherent excellence, its simplicity, its flexibility, its reliability."

"Who would reasonably oppose such a superior system as OS/2? ...the resistance mainly comes from those who have a need to preserve their reputations as all-knowing gurus of the computer world. This class includes certain members of the computer industry media, but more commonly it includes PC consultants and dealers themselves."

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