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FlatlineSystems.net: DeCSS - A Call For Action

Feb 11, 2000, 07:48 (4 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Johnny Walker for this link. ]

"The regional coding is set up so that if you buy a DVD player in Spain, you can only watch DVDs that you purchase in Spain. If you buy a DVD Player in North America, you can only play North American DVDs. This method of distribution control allows the MPAA to decide what movies, what versions of movies, and any other aspect of DVD gets distributed in which countries. So if you visit Spain, and find a classic movie on DVD that you cannot find in North America, too bad. You won't be able to play it at home. For the average user, this coding goes unnoticed. That is, until you do buy a 'foreign' DVD."

"This nifty regional code can easily be overcome with software. After all, it is just a 'bit' of data. If you have a newer PC and a high-end video card with a DVD-ROM you can indeed change your region allowing you to watch any movie you want. With DVD-ROMs being even cheaper than a component for your home entertainment system, this is a great way to overcome their control. ATI's software is one of them that allows you to select your region during install. Although it states you can only change it 5 times, that restriction again is easily overcome with software. Why is the MPAA not uptight about this? If they are, why has it not been widespread news?"

"Ever since DeCSS came to life the MPAA has been up in arms. Why? They cried piracy. But that is false. DVD piracy is done at a higher scale, with high tech reproduction equipment that would cost a normal person both their arms and three toes...."

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