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TLS: "The Linux One Dilemma..." Or Linux One Rips Off Phat Linux

Feb 14, 2000, 16:21 (9 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jeff Gerhardt)

[ Thanks to Jeff Gerhardt for this link. ]

"Lets put it in perspective, what they did was not illegal. We all know the story of how they apparently did a 99% rip off to the Red Hat distro as well as take the Red Hat S-1 filing, shove it in a word processor of the Red Hat IPO. Well, ya know folks, although what they did was shameful, and should be a major red flag to anyone who might be uniformed enough to NOT buy their stock; I am not really going to cry for Red Hat or hold a tag day for them. The people at Red Hat are bagillionairs. I am appalled by this behavior, but I typically leave the market to fight these battles...."

"For those of you who are listeners to The Linux(r) Show!!, we have been reporting about Phat Linux for many months. I think Phat Linux is a very cool product. In fact it is so cool we awarded Phat Linux with a Special Award of Merit for our best of the Millennium Awards. Is it the best Linux Distro on the planet, no it is not thats Debian! But, in my opinion, it is the best at what it does. It is a kick butt demo version of Linux that runs on the C: drive of a Windows machine. It is perfect for getting your friends and even your mom to try Linux. Again, is Phat the only distro that runs on the "C:" drive of a Windows box, no several do this as well. I just feel that Phat does this as well or better than any of them out there...."

"OK so today I am reviewing my notes from the expo and I come across the details of how Linux One is now giving away a "Linux Lite" Distro. I also find out that it runs on the C drive of a windows box. OK interesting, and I say to myself, 'maybe they are not 100% clueless after all?"


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