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Linux vs. Windows 2000 -- The Fight of the New Millennium

Feb 18, 2000, 02:46 (9 Talkback[s])
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By Akoma


Welcome to the 'Fight of the New Millennium'. 1000 rounds of non-stop action.

In the Blue Corner, weighting in at 30 Million Lines of code, with an astonishing height of 95% Desktop, he has a track record as been BSODing his supporters, bullying his partners, crushing his enemies, recently judged to be a Monopoly, bought/modified by/hailing from Redmond, Washington, the current reigning cham-peen of the OS world -- The NEW AND IMPROVED Windows... Two... THOUSAND!!!

In the Red Corner, weighing in anywhere from embedded to Mainframe/Supercomputer, height varying as weight goes up -- he has been evolving from an itch to become the new corporate darling, he can run on multiple hardware platforms, he has hundred of thousands of trainers and possibly tens of millions of sparring partners, and he now has the backing of the Heavyweight-still-active IBM -- he has a track record of stability, reliability and speed on low end servers and his marketing symbol, Tux, is a "vicious" Penguin with a smile on his face -- he was. born in Finland and raised on the INTERNET, with a UNIX World-class-champion legacy -- the fast evolving, always moving, never stopping, Standard breathing, prodigal SON OF OPEN SOURCE -- grudgingly referred to as "that upstart OS" - the Challenger: LIIIIIINNNNUUUUXXXXX!!!

The referee for this match has been graciously provided by -- the United States Department of Justice!

And welcome the panel of judges for this contest -- the Global Business Community!

Referee: "Ok guys, you know the rules -- and Windows, I WILL WATCH you in the next month, 'cause we have a case to settle... Now, let's GET IT ON!!"

1st round... Linux is dancing around W2K and keeps jabbing on the small ISP side. Hoouuuch!! W2K took HTML and extended it!! Linux does not seem to be phased by this and keeps on jabbing, scoring point after point. W2K throws Benchmark after benchmark at Linux' legs. The lightweight just moves aside and adjusts his footwork, he is now dancing on SMP and scaling to 8 CPUs!

Linux corner: (RedHat) OK, you look good. Keep on jabbing and keep those hands up. This guy is a VICIOUS fighter.

W2K corner:(BG) What are you doing? I Told you to rely on your FUD Tactics. Don't forget to change COM/DCOM/COM+, even if our supporters lose their bets!

2nd round... Linux looks sharp and is still stinging W2K with SMB blow-over. That's amazing! Linux just took the PDC control from W2K and is evolving faster than ever, he can now print/file serve in the same time. W2K throws an Active Directory in the stomach of Linux. Linux wisely steps back, looks at Novell in his corner and replies with NDS in the face of W2K. NASTY, this fight is becoming nasty. W2K in a desperate move changes the TCP/IP stack for DNS address resolution and just loses another part of his customer base. The fans are beginning to see W2K in a whole new light. But Linux lacks desktop applications! Don't despair, StarOffice, KOffice, Applixware, and a few others have trained Linux well and it shows!

The sequel? On pay per view... :)

About the author:
Akoma, 30 years old and employed by a software company specialized in JAVA development, originally submitted this as a talkback to CNET News.com: Linux poses increasing threat to Windows 2000 -- LT editors thought it deserved more exposure than it would get buried away as a talkback, so we asked if we could polish it up just a little and post it as a feature.

Akoma has been using Linux at home and sometimes at work (his employer prefers to use NT workstations and Sun servers) for two years now and has been following the ePress (as he likes to call them) 'going from left to right about the usability of Linux' -- it amazes him to see the 'leaps and bounds' by which Linux has moved ahead in the business. Akoma has a 15 month old son who was screaming in his ears as he tried to correspond with us :). His take on the Linux vs. Windows 2000 is: Whoever wants to use either shall, because it's a free world and nobody is perfect :).