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Linuxcare: Dear Lina: One Laptop to Rule Them All

Feb 29, 2000, 00:03 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to brett neely for this link. ]

"Dear Lina: I'm a field sales representative and I take my laptop everywhere. I use it to login to all the other systems I use, but I have difficulty remembering all my passwords. The fewer I have to recall, the better. Is there an easy way I can manage all of my login accounts?"

"This is not a problem at all. My very favorite means of safely reaching all of my login accounts is ssh. In case you haven't heard of it, ssh is a remote login program which provides encrypted connections. With ssh you can create a private key with a passphrase that you select. Choosing a unique passphrase is important and deserves a moment of your time to devise. It will be a real lifesaver if that laptop ends up in someone else's hands. Here are some hints for selecting a good passphrase..."

"Dear Lina: I have a Linux system that doesn't appear to be working correctly. My network connection is intermittent. Sometimes my connectivity will be fine for hours at a time, and sometimes it will drop its connection every few minutes. On occasion I get over 80% packet loss when I ping our corporate intranet server. What can I do to investigate this problem and hopefully prevent it from happening again?"

"Given the symptoms you describe, my first suspicion is that you're the victim of a stolen IP address. It's easy as pie to check if your IP has been stolen. Turn off the afflicted machine, and use a different machine that hasn't been flaky, to ping for it. Are you still getting a ping reply? If so, there's the culprit."

"The next step in tracking down this IP thief is to actually find them..."

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