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Debian Weekly News - March 7th, 2000

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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 15:08:17 -0800
From: Joey Hess joeyh@debian.org
To: debian-news@lists.debian.org
Subject: Debian Weekly News - March 7th, 2000

Debian Weekly News
Debian Weekly News - March 7th, 2000
Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer community. This is a combined 2 week summary.

We've now passed the first Release Critical Bug Horizon, and 20 packages will soon be [8]removed from potato. The bug horizon has been a success, based on the number of release critical bugs that have been closed in the past 2 weeks -- for a while less than 200 were open, down from 300+ a few weeks ago -- fewer RC bugs than any time since last summer. The [9]number of bugs is on the rise again though, and another bug horizon may be called.

Project leader elections close in just a few days. Do remember to [10]vote. Linux.com has posted interviews with [11]Wichert Akkerman and [12]Matthew Vernon. Joel Klecker was not interviewed, but he did make a [13]brief statement.

Two new ways to show people Debian in action:
* Install Debian wherever you go with the latest version of LinuxCare's [14]Bootable Business Card which allows installation of the Debian base system, right off the mini-CD.
* Compaq's [15]testdrive program now includes accounts on i386 and alpha Debian systems.

Ddiff was [16]announced. Ddiff is a tool to generate binary diffs between different versions of .deb packages.

Two security problems were fixed this week. Fixes are available for remote exploits of the [17]nmh and [18]htdig packages in slink. There was discussion of a man exploit on bugtraq, but Debian uses a different man package and is not vulnerable. Similarly, bugtraq discussion indicates we aren't vulnerable to the [19]dosemu problems present in Corel Linux.

New packages in Debian this week include the following and [20]19 more:
* [21]corewars: The classic corewars game with gtk-look
* [22]dhis: Dynamic Host Information System client ([23]server)
* [24]libsdl-mixer1.0: mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer ([25]dev)
* [26]libvds-dev: The view-dependent simplification library
* [27]unison: A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows

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