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Slashdot: Replies from Slackware Founder Patrick Volkerding

Mar 17, 2000, 19:47 (3 Talkback[s])

"Most (all?) of the other "major" distributions have gone the way of commercial and public acceptance (meaning ease of installation, and ease of use). Slackware, on the other hand, is still very much geared towards the linux user that already knows what they're doing. Do you plan on making Slackware "pretty", like the others, or do you plan on honing it into a development environment for power users? Or perhaps something else entirely?"

"Patrick: But Slackware *is* easy! Trae McCombs even said he was very impressed with the ease of installation. And I think we set up the desktop (at least on KDE) with the nicest set of defaults. But I understand what you're saying -- many of the other distributions now provide a fully graphical installation. But, then you end up raising the hardware requirements, so it's a trade off. I do think keeping things primarily text based is the most flexible, then you can do things like installing with a serial console, and maintaining the machine remotely is more straightforward. Of course, I've been accused of being one of those "command line" kind of people..."

"With the formation of your company, will this give you the resources to port Slackware to the PPC and Alpha? Are there any plans for this?"

"Patrick: I can tell you that everyone working on Slackware is interested in other platforms. Besides a load of x86 machines, we have two Alphas, two G3s, and a couple of Sparcs floating around. I actually got Slackware running on my Alpha, but never got as far as building an installer for it. There is work going on for Alpha and Sparc, but I don't know when any of it will be ready for public consumption. David Cantrell just picked up a new Sparc today, in fact. Chris Lumens has been working with a dual processor Alpha loaned to us by Alpha Processor, and has a basic Slackware system up and running on it. And Logan Johnson just got a shiny new iMac DV the other day, but he told me not to tell you. :)"

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