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The Register: Darwin on x86 - Apple's Intel interest

Mar 28, 2000, 15:17 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Tony Smith)

"...Apple is at risk (pun not intended) from a real bust up between IBM and Motorola, who despite being partners seem to get on less well than AMD and Intel. If the cold ware between IBM and Motorola limits the evolution of the PowerPC as a desktop CPU - a limited market for either company, so neither need be too loyal to their only significant customer there - that can cause real problems if you're working, as Apple is, in an industry where performance is all."

"Several Apple insiders have already claimed to have seen a prototype Crusoe-based PowerBook running an early Intel version of Rhapsody via the chip's x86 compatibility layer (though it has to be said that's primarily because there Transmeta doesn't yet have a PowerPC compatibility layer)."

"Apple's differentiation also means that it could reintroduce licensing in a limited form. If Apple has been talking to PC manufacturers, it means that it no longer considers licensing a problem. CEO Steve Jobs canned cloning - rightly so - because it was cannibalising Apple's own market share, but that's less of an issue now. Sure, Apple doesn't want mass cloning, but if a small number of Intel guys want the MacOS X, why not let them license it? Apple's hardware is well able to compete, and by widening the potential audience for MacOS X - by allowing people to try it without having to buy a completely new system - Apple may feel it can encourage x86 users fed up Microsoft's monopoly but discouraged by Linux's user unfriendliness to move over at a later date."

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