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WideOpenNews: Reinventing SCO: New Rules for Seasoned Players

Apr 03, 2000, 20:21 (0 Talkback[s])
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"The Santa Cruz Operation is grappling with one fundamental issue: in a world that is rapidly shifting toward open source Linux, SCO makes most of its money selling proprietary Unix. And that makes it particularly vulnerable right now. ... Wide Open News recently talked to Tarantella chieftain Mike Orr on the hard choices that face a company recreating itself in an open source economy."

"Q: Is open source a threat or an opportunity?

Orr: If you've got a huge share of the market, like Microsoft, then it can be seen as very much a threat and not much of an opportunity. In our situation, it's a bit of both. There is some threat to a lot of business in our traditional market, but then there's a lot of opportunity in new markets. We have to take a calculated risk to move at the right speed so that we don't lose business faster than we gain it in the new market. ..."

"Q: What was the main objective behind SCO's reorganization? It appears to increase the push behind Linux and Tarantella, and even reduce efforts behind your Unix.

Orr: It's not exactly that we're reducing efforts behind Unix, it's more that we're focusing our attention on the layers above the operating system. On both Linux and Unix, you've got fairly sophisticated and complete alternatives for the kernel. We don't think it's going to be useful for us to spend the next five years messing around with enhancements at that level because that's not where people are going to be paying lots of money. As we're a commercial concern, we want to work on things that people will value both in terms of services and products. So, our focus is going to be much more on things at the level above the operating system -- not applications, but on what I call serverware, and Tarantella is actually one example of that. ..."

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