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LinuxPR: MandrakeSoft to bundle Enlighten's User Management Tool cross-platform user management...

Apr 27, 2000, 14:18 (0 Talkback[s])

"Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFTW), a leading provider of integrated event monitoring and systems-management software for Linux, Unix and Windows, and MandrakeSoft, one of the world's leading Linux providers, today announced a strategic partnership. As a result of the partnership, MandrakeSoft will bundle Enlighten's User Management Tool cross-platform user management with the MandrakeSoft 7.1 distribution. This technology will add sophisticated systems management capability to Linux-Mandrake allowing all users in the MandrakeSoft Linux environment to simultaneously manage other systems on the network from a single graphical console."

"MandrakeSoft customers will have an EnlightenDSMFree version for their Linux system able to select integrated User Management upon installation of the MandrakeSoft Operating System. These users will have full functionality of the "User Management Tool" on the EnlightenDSM GUI. Specifically, EnlightenDSM/Free provides simultaneous user management across Linux, Unix and Windows NT/98/95. The Enlighten User Management Agent will manage the account creation, configuration, and password management of network user accounts and group membership. MandrakeSoft users, upon registering the product at the Enlighten internet website, can download additional User Management DSMFree agents for Linux, Unix, Windows, and other OS thus giving MandrakeSoft customers single point graphical user management across the complete networked environment. Additionally, MandrakeSoft customers can chose to upgrade to the full EnlightenDSM product for comprehensive event monitoring and administrative management of Linux, Unix, and Windows."

"Adding and managing users over time with their associated rights and privileges can be a tedious, mundane and time consuming task - especially working one machine at a time. MandrakeSoft customers can now automate this function and focus on commercial implementation and new business opportunities associated with Linux deployment and not have to worry with mundane administration.The EnlightenDSM product provides real value for System Administrators in managing their IT infrastructure. EnlightenDSM increases productivity by standardizing tedious repetitive tasks across multiple operating environments as it increases overall manageability by allowing administrators to group users into unique pools and configure and manage them collectively, said Bill Bradley, President and CEO of Enlighten Software. With the 7.1 release, MandrakeSoft customers will have immediate benefit in monitoring user management of their MandrakeSoft Linux machines : a scalable administrative solution that also extends new benefits to the customers existing network of Unix and Windows machines."

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