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PRNewswire: Perforce Offers Commercial SCM System Available For the Trillian Project's IA-64 Linux

Apr 27, 2000, 20:48 (0 Talkback[s])

"Perforce Software announced that a port of its software configuration management (SCM) system is now available for Linux Trillian IA-64 (TurboLinux Alpha Release 2). Perforce is a comprehensive SCM system that helps software development teams efficiently manage large, complex development projects across multiple operating system platforms. The Trillian project is a cooperative development effort among several computer industry leaders to port the Linux operating system to Intel's forthcoming IA-64 architecture, beginning with the Itanium processor."

"With the port of both the client and server portions of Perforce to Linux Trillian IA-64, software developers who want to begin developing Linux applications for the Itanium processor, due later this year, have a tool for managing those development efforts. Because it is available on more than 40 operating system platforms, Perforce provides an additional benefit: developers can create applications for Linux Trillian and other platforms simultaneously using a single SCM tool."

"This release of Perforce eases software migration efforts [from 32-bit applications] for early developers on Linux Trillian today," says Christopher Siewald, president and chief technology officer of Perforce Software. "And when Intel launches Itanium later this year, the combination of Perforce, Itanium and Linux will make for an unbeatable SCM server platform." By beginning its porting work as soon as the early releases of Linux Trillium IA-64 were available, Perforce was among the first companies to provide third-party development tools for this new platform."

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