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Marjorie Richardson: To Readers of Linux Journal & Linux Gazette--Goodbye

May 31, 2000, 21:03 (18 Talkback[s])
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[ Marjorie Richardson writes: ]

Dear Faithful Readers,

"On May 24, I resigned my position as Editor in Chief of Linux Journal, a position I had held since February 1, 1997 (albeit with different titles). This has been the most personally fullfilling job in my various careers. I have enjoyed my time with you, dear readers, immensely. Unfortunately, eventually, the point comes when it is time to say "Goodbye". That time has come for me. The pressures and expectations of this position have finally proved too much for my health and personal well-being.

This also means I will no longer be "Overseer" of Linux Gazette--except from afar :-). I will continue looking in at LG as well as LJ. After all, I have a special place in my heart for LG. I had only been working for SSC a couple of months when Phil gave me the job as Editor of LG--I had never even done HTML before. I enjoyed my work with LG very much and doing it gave me the confidence I needed to accept when Phil Hughes offered me the job of Editor of Linux Journal.

I wanted to post this on the LJ web site, but Phil declined it, wanting to make his own announcement; so I offered it to Linux Today. Thanks for posting this for me.

Linux Journal has grown considerably since I began as Editor, more that doubling in size since the first issue I headed (May 1997). In that same period of time, Linux itself has grown even more. I found it very exciting to be a part of that growth, watching as an obscure operating system rose to prominence, if not dominence, in the market. I feel this trend will continue both with Linux and Linux Journal.

I've met many wonderful people in the Linux community, and I wish to thank them all for their help and support during my tenure. The authors have been great--I give them all a salute (and a virtual hug) for their work and their willingness to contribute to the community. I'd like to give special thanks to Phil Hughes for giving me this opportunity, to Jon "maddog" Hall for always being willing to help out when needed, to Doc Searls for providing a needed sounding board, to Lydia Kinata for being the world's greatest layout person, and most of all, to my staff for their dedication and hard work without which I would never have been able to do my job.

My plan now is to take it easy awhile and enjoy myself, but I don't intend to disappear from this wonderful community. I will be watching with great interest how Linux and those involved with it progress. You may even hear from me now and again, who knows?

I'll miss you guys a lot--it's been fun!


Marjorie Richardson, mlr44@aol.com