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MachineOfTheMonth: Encryption for the masses [GnuPG]

May 31, 2000, 18:43 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Glenn Mullikin for this link. ]

"We hear alot about security on the internet, about securing your system from hackers who don't have much reason for existence except to break into peoples' systems. Maybe that's a good existence because they can get a book deal but not for you. But what happens when they infiltrate your front lines? What if they get access to your files? Then it might be all over. Unless you have a second line of defense. Introducing public-key cryptography..."

"...GnuPG is good for encrypting stuff into something no one can make sense of except the person in possession of the private key. Notice I said person and not persons."

"If someone gets your private key then they can use it to unlock all your encrypted files, assuming they were able to deal with the passphrase issue. That's right. So don't let them do that. I haven't been using the product that long to know the type of techniques this would entail although I suspect you would want to move your keyring to a removeable storeage medium or put the keyring on a computer you considered to be very secure. And then create a symbolic link to your real keyring from /home/username/.gnupg, which is the directory where the keys are stored by default. But anyway, yes this is something to consider because your private key is very important to keep secret."

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