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BW: Bell Labs Announces Open-Source Release Of Plan 9 Operating System

Jun 07, 2000, 20:36 (5 Talkback[s])

"Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU), has made the third release of its Plan 9 computer operating system available on the World Wide Web under an open-source agreement. Anyone interested in using Plan 9 may download the system, including source code and documentation, from http://plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9dist/."

"Among the changes in this release of Plan 9 are a revised kernel, which now has the means to resolve ambiguous file names; an improved graphics environment; an updated command set; and expanded libraries. The system's creators also have installed "plumbing," a new mechanism for passing messages between interactive programs, as part of the user interface."

"Another change in this release was inspired by a recent development outside the lab -- the industry's increasing acceptance of open-source distribution for software such as operating systems and browsers. "A lot of the ideas in Plan 9 are public currency now," said Rob Pike, director of Computing Concepts Research at Bell Labs, who led work on the third release of Plan 9. "We decided that the actual software should be public currency too. The open-source agreement allows free, source-level access to the Plan 9 software and should encourage more people to experiment with it."

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