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KDE.org: KDE 1.91 "Kleopatra" second beta for KDE 2.0 released

Jun 15, 2000, 13:36 (13 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Pete Sheehan for this link. ]

"The KDE Team today announced the release of KDE 1.91, codenamed "Kleopatra", the second beta preview of KDE's next-generation, powerful, modular desktop. Following on the heels of the release of KDE 1.90 (Konfucious) on May 11, 2000, Kleopatra is based on Qt 2.1 and will include the core libraries, the core desktop environment, the KOffice suite, as well as most of the other standard base KDE packages: kdeadmin, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdenetwork, kdemultimedia, kdetoys and kdeutils. Kleopatra is targeted at developers and interested users. For those compiling from source, please consult the compilation instructions."

"Kleopatra fixes many of the bugs which helpful users reported in Konfucious, the previous release," stated David Faure, a core KDE developer. "The core libraries are now frozen except for critical changes, so developers of KDE 1 applications can now safely port to KDE 2 without fearing any major changes in the core libraries."

"For the developer, KDE 1.91 provides a stable API which will enable developers to commence serious development of their application so they may time the release of their software to coincide with the release of KDE 2.0, scheduled for September 2000. It is anticipated that with the exception of aRts, the budding KDE 2.0 real time multimedia engine, and the KDE style engine, there will be few binary incompatible and fewer, if any, source incompatible changes in the core libraries through the 2.0 release. Further development will focus on finalizing aRts, fixing bugs, complying with the KDE Standards and Style Guides and maximizing performance."

Press Release