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About.com: Video Editing in Linux

Jun 17, 2000, 20:12 (4 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Aron Hsiao)

"With the increasing popularity of both Linux on the desktop and home-brew multimedia production, it seemed like a good time for Focus on Linux to look into the capabilities of Linux and Linux software in the multimedia video editing and sequencing department. Now, I'm not a professional video editor, so this article isn't intended for that audience. I have, however, used a number of video editing packages under Windows and MacOS of the popular computer retail store vintage, so that will be my basis for comparison."

"In order to produce this article, I acquired two popular video capture devices that are PCI-based: a Hauppage WinTV board, which uses a BT878 with a Temic 4039FR5 tuner, and a Pinnacle Studio DC10+ analog editing board, which uses a Zoran chipset for motion jpeg encoding. There are some USB-based devices out there, but the USB connection really can't support the frame rates necessary to do any serious amateur production work."

"Because storage can be a major limiting factor when doing video work, the system used for this article was equipped with an 18GB software RAID-0 subsystem connected to a Mylex BT-958 (ultra-wide) PCI SCSI controller. Data throughput rates as tested by bonnie were well beyond the 6MB per second supported by the DC10+ card."

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