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Jun 24, 2000, 19:05 (0 Talkback[s])

"I am setting up a DSL and my topology is simple: Linux box connects to hub, which connects to 675, which connects to the DSL carrier. ... The Linux machine does not see beyond the router (the Cisco 675) to the DNS, nor can the web connect to it, though it should be able to using static IPs. ...in the documentation there is a note: "must have termcap database installed on Linux or Cisco 675 may not work correctly."

"It sounds as if your network setup on the Linux machine is missing a default router (or gateway) in the configuration. If you type route -n, you will see a list of the routing table that the kernel maintains. The default route is the one the kernel will choose for network packets in the event no other paths are possible to the destination. In addition to having a default route, you will also need to have DNS set up properly or you won't be able to resolve domain names into IP addresses which is how network communications happen. Thus, if you can ping the IP address of your DSL router and no further, then it is likely you are missing a default route. If you have a default route defined (it should be the 675 router) and you are unable to ping a site such as www.linux.org, then DNS is probably not configured properly. About the termcap statement: termcap is a library that provides a database of the terminal capabilities of various terminal emulations. It is not required to use the 675 for networking purposes. However, if you need to access the embedded operating system on the router, you can telnet to it (or use a direct serial connection--I'm guessing because I have never seen a 675) and access its built-in features. This is where the termcap would be required, as it will use some type of terminal emulation for which your terminal will need to know the mappings for what the character sequences do. So, it is necessary only if you intend to log in to the router and change the settings."

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