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Linux Journal: LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming [Book Review]

Jun 25, 2000, 16:09 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Marjorie Richardson)

"When beginning to read LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming, I was a bit confused to find I was reading about shell basics and not programming. My conclusion was, Mr. Tansley is writing for the true beginner to UNIX and so is first providing background and command information that will be needed when the user actually begins writing scripts. He is covering the basic or Bourne shell, which is common to all UNIX flavors including Linux, so scripts will be portable. More than once, he emphasizes the fact that his scripts are not the most efficient design, but are easy to understand and reuse."

"This book needed better editing; the mistakes I found should have been caught. Mr. Tansley has been a UNIX system administrator for some time and clearly knows his subject. But run-on sentences with improper punctuation, extra words, omitted words and misspellings (e.g., directory) make understanding the material harder than it should be. An entire chapter is devoted to the find command, and it contains two serious editing problems..."

"LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming is a good introduction to the shell as well as scripting. With a good editor, it will be even better in a section edition. Right now, I hesitate to recommend it to complete beginners, even though they are its target audience; however, for someone who has used UNIX for a short while and has the ability to sort out any confusions caused by typos, it could provide a useful reference."

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