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LinuxMall.com: KDE Evangelist Lives Dream Job While Awake: Kurt Granroth Speaks

Jun 26, 2000, 17:58 (0 Talkback[s])
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[ Thanks to Greta Durr/LinuxMall.com for this link. ]

"Kurt Granroth is living his dream job working for SuSE on any productive aspect of KDE development that tickles his fancy. ... Granroth recently took some time to discuss the battle between KDE and GNOME users, his career passion for KDE and his lingering aversion to sunlight with LinuxNews.com."

"LinuxNews.com: I... have trouble understanding the feud between GNOME and KDE users. It's just a desktop environment; why do people get so upset about it?

Granroth: There will always be fans of one who hate the other. But let's face it, this isn't limited to just Linux desktops or even computers. Ask a `Ford Trucks' fan what he thinks of Chevy trucks (or vice versa). Or ask a Toyota zealot to compare his car with a Dodge. There are `my choice is the right one and everybody else is wrong' people in all walks of life... you just learn to live with it."

"LinuxNews.com: What attracted you to pursue a career in the free/Open Source software community?

Granroth: ... I downloaded Qt and worked through the tutorial. It took a little more then an hour. I was just FLOORED at how incredibly easy it was to program in Qt and how elegant and intuitive their object model was. ... So I asked my boss if I could have eight hours to play with Qt to see what I could do with it. He agreed and six hours later... I had a 100% working client with a fully working GUI."

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