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Softpanorama: Bad linux advocacy FAQ

Jul 03, 2000, 15:31 (14 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Nikolai Bezroukov)

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"...the movement is still in its early stages (and not last days, as some predict) and it suffers from some "childish diseases". One of them is bad advocacy. The term "bad Linux advocacy" or Raymondism was introduced in my first First Monday paper to differentiate a credible OSS advocacy from the popular brand of naive on the border of blind fold Linux chauvinism ("Linux uber alles"). The main problem with Raymondism is that with the loss of credibility comes a betrayal of trust to the intelligent readership."

"What ESR and Co failed to realize is that people who are developing and using Solaris, Novell and Microsoft products are also professionals and many of them are of a caliber far superior to the author of low to middle-range open source products like EMACS editor macros, a mail utility, and like ;-). For any intelligent professional an open demonstration of arrogance naturally creates a strong negative reaction, a backlash that is damaging to the movement credibility and future. The same problems exist with primitive anti Microsoft rhetoric like ERS's..."

"Even Linux Torvalds proved to be not immune to this decease. Some of his technical judgments are very suspect. It's enough to read attentively several of his interviews to understand that he started making predictions and evaluate things about which he actually has very little real knowledge due to the specifics of his career and the best he can do is to make an educated guess. As Charles Hannan, a developer of an alternative operating system was quoted in Ottawa Citizen artilce "All in all that IPO money did to some Linux developers was make them incredibly arrogant."

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