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Byte.com: Jerry's PC Expo Report I - Stuff Mobile And/Or Linux

Jul 04, 2000, 20:02 (0 Talkback[s])
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"...By chance, I ended up having lunch with speakers from the Linux Pavilion, in particular John Maddox "Mad Dog" Hall, who next to Linus Torvalds is probably the best known Linux advocate and spokesman. We got to wondering about the future of proprietary Unix such as SCO in the face of open source competition from Linux. You may guess Mad Dog's conclusions. I haven't thought about all this enough to have that firm of a conclusion, but it's interesting to speculate."

"...Now, consider Linux and the proprietary Unix suppliers like SCO. Today's news was that a two-node bundle and operating system is $7,799. UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters supports up to 12 nodes. For your $7,799 you get 10 user licenses; it's $50 per user for each additional user."

"This is all very reasonable under present pricing models, but how long before Linux and open source begin to eat this from the inside? I don't know, but I think the 3-D modeling world history may be relevant. Something more than 25 percent of all the servers in the United States now operate with one or another version of Linux. This isn't likely to shrink."

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