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ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch -- Why we need Debian

Jul 05, 2000, 20:38 (8 Talkback[s])
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"Linux's most important distribution helps counter the growing commercial involvement in open source...."

"In a world of NDA-bound business agreements, Debian is an open book. In a world of mission statements, Debian has a Social Contract. At a time when commercial distributors are striving to see how much proprietary software they can pack into a box of Linux, Debian remains the bastion of software freedom -- living proof that you can have a fully functional and usable operating system without needing any proprietary code."

"To date, Debian distributions have had 'contrib' areas, ghettos where the non-free code hangs out. But if backers of a motion to change the Social Contract get their way, even that will be gone. The resolution proposes that Debian not include any non-free software in its base distribution."

"I think this is an excellent suggestion and hope that it's accepted. The Linux world needs at least one distribution that users and developers can count on to speak through the quality of its work and to advocate software freedom. There are plenty of alternatives for those who want amalgams of free and non-free software -- it's in Debian's best interest not to join that pack."

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