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IT-Director: Red Sun is rising on Linux

Jul 17, 2000, 13:15 (22 Talkback[s])
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"And the conclusion is - Linux will not conquer the desktop or the laptop, but will win on embedded devices. This isn't idle speculation. Let's face it, when a significant number of electronics manufacturers from the World centre of such products line up behind Linux, then the rest of us should take note."

"Linux isn't necessarily doomed on the desktop. Indeed, it might well have faced a rosy future if it wasn't for the question: "what is the point?". The world has already chosen an operating system and hardware architecture which, whatever its faults, is proving adequate for most uses. Linux will not succeed on the desktop any more than, say, Windows 2000 - neither gives a user sufficient additional value to merit the swap. There will always be advocates for desktop Linux but the mainstream has already flowed one way downhill and would take some pushing to get it down a different route."

"On embedded devices, however, we can see a different story. The advantages (and disadvantages) of embedded Linux have already been covered here but advantages do not a product make. How different the world appears when companies like Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and so on - 23 of them in all - line up behind the operating system. This isn't one company setting a strategy to give it USP against its competitors, or a hopeful start-up looking for a niche. The message is clear: Linux is a perfectly adequate operating system for us to use in our devices. So much so, that we want to work together to make it even better."

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