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AllLinuxDevices: The FUD-Defying Embedded Penguin

Jul 25, 2000, 13:59 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Michael Hall)

"Well, the problem with Linux is, it's just an older form of UNIX," an ex-coworker once explained, "and even UNIX can't handle graphics, so you'll never see a Linux web server, because the web is all graphics and UNIX servers just crash."

"It was an entertaining bit of improvisational FUD, designed to explain to me why she would never, ever allow anything but Microsoft to handle our servers if she had any say in the matter, and I managed to keep from braying like a donkey when I heard it. We sat down to the Netcraft site, paid a visit to a few of the web servers it reported as running Linux, and that was that. Another small skirmish on the road to world domination had been won."

"My coworker could hardly be blamed. She'd never really known much but Windows, and she subsisted on a steady diet of information from magazines more cynical about the chances of anything ever ending the Microsoft hegemony than the average ex-hippie is of Maoists hoisting the red flag over Wall Street. She just didn't know any better, she'd never met anyone who actually used Linux (or UNIX), and she'd pasted together the bits and pieces she'd read about Linux's "lack of a GUI" into a collage of misinformation that no one was around to correct."

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