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Linux.com: Breaking Free of the Hive

Aug 01, 2000, 11:03 (6 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jessica Sheffield)

"People who have been inside enemy lines, Microsoft's Redmond facility, say the walls are plastered with "company lines" to motivate the employees. We immediately rush to the offensive with "Microsoft is Borg!", "What a bunch of mindless drones - saying what other people brainwash them with!", and other such... community lines. Is it brainwashing, or buying into the mentality? Is it as evil as it sounds?"

"At this moment, I am gazing at my computer case, which is covered in stickers, most of them ones I've picked up at various Linux shows. Phrases like "Linux inside!", "Support for the revolution", and "Sick of crashing?" jump out at me. The oval-shaped LNX sticker has a place of prominence, as does the exclamation-point Linux.com sticker. I wonder... when was the last time anyone saw a Windows sticker (not counting the "Designed for Windows!" ones on the computers we avoid at Best Buy)? Or sported a "Geek by nature; Windows by choice" t-shirt? Certainly people at Redmond don't have caution tape surrounding their work area proclaiming it a "Linux-Free Zone"... do they?"

"Where do we draw the line between community involvement and commune-like brainwashing? If a Linux company gives away shirts that say, "There's nothing wrong with Windows 2000... that Linux can't fix", we scramble to sport them proudly at our local Barnes and Noble just to see the look on other people's faces. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, quite literally in some cases. We are the minority, the proud, the elite who know where it's really at and are wondering when the rest of the world will catch up. In the meantime, we'll wear our Linux shirts and our Linux hats and drive our cars with Linux stickers on them and wrap our desks with "Windows-Free Zone" caution tape (yes, I am guilty of all of these, and more), enjoying our status as the elite group who is riding the wave of the future, just you wait and see."

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