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LinuxPrinting.org: VA Linux Printing Summit Notes

Aug 04, 2000, 01:58 (4 Talkback[s])

"...the Open Source Printing Summit being hosted by VA Linux systems. ...is an offshoot of the HP/VA "fix printing" partnership. A group of developers at VA is doing some work to make printing better, but any solution will obviously be beyond what they can do, so they've invited basically everyone involved with free software printing, plus an assortment of printer vendors, to gather here in Sunnyvale for two days of gabbing, arguing, head knocking, etc."

"IBM has over the years written printer drivers for essentially all printers to support OS/2. They are porting this project to Linux and releasing it as free software: probably GPL or perhaps LGPL. The IBM version supports some 600 printers pretty well; the free software version will of course be rather more limited, but does provide a large stable of drivers, printer data, and a rather interesting modular raster driver API structure which seemed quite appealing to the printer vendors, who could plug in dither code, and some Gnome desktop folks, who could skip Ghostscript entirely."

"At this point I asked the obvious: Corel's sysAPS exists now and does much of this stuff, or at least provides a somewhat incomplete quasi-modular implementation of a well defined API which meets many of these needs, so why was it not being considered. The ever-subtle Ben promptly asserted that the sysAPS code sucks. Much debate ensued over this point throughout the rest of the day. Investigation into the use or adaptation of sysAPS will almost assuredly proceed; something is bound to be useful from it, if we don't settle upon a descendant of the thing."

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