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Ethymonics.co.uk: GPL-like License for Music Distribution

Aug 25, 2000, 19:51 (7 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Tony Hardie-Bick for this announcement. ]

Is it possible that some of the lessons of Free Software can be applied to the current state of confusion in the music industry? How about a GPL-like License. Few artists make a profit from CDs due to the structure of contracts and financing within large record companies. This has had a devastating effect on the credibility of music generally: it is no longer a socially unnacceptable art form. This must change. The more I read about the battle between Gnome and KDE the more I am convinced that this kind of dynamic would have a fantastic effect on the music scene, while at the same time providing, just possibly, an entirely new model for the way in which musicians earn a living, ie with "distributions" of the same artist's material competing with each other to get the most copies sold. The artist would then have to be creative about how this situation is exploited, for example by playing live.

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